Why Committee?

Committee is changing the way you save and achieve your financial goals.

Access cash faster than traditional saving methods to pay for your following needs:

Home Improvement

Emergency Fund





You’re not alone in your financial journey.

Gather family and friends you trust to pay equal amounts each month. Enjoy complete transparency of the contributions using the Committee app.

Keep contributing and share the reward spotlight!

Take turns paying your agreed amount until everyone has been paid out. It’s a dynamic way to grow your savings while supporting others in your Committee.

Sounds familiar? This savings method is practiced worldwide:

Chilemba (Uganda), Chit (India), Ekub (Ethiopia), Esusu (Nigeria), Haghdad (Somalia), Hui (China), Kometi (Pakistan), Pandero (Brazil), Pardna (Jamaica), Samity (Bangladesh), Stockfair (South Africa), Susu (Ghana) and many more countries.

Join a growing community of like-minded savers.

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